Coffin Dodger – A 57ft Bespoke Narrowboat

Coffin Dodger is a 57ft bespoke narrowboat launched in November 2022.  

The owners, Karen and Paul, visited us back in 2021 where they viewed our boats in build, as the boat was a liveaboard, they welcomed the idea of our short bow as this increased their cabin space, which is crucial for a liveaboard.   As we build our own steelwork we can design our hulls to suit individual requirements and CAD drawings can be generated.  

We discussed in length the hull design, various layouts, designs and their cruising plans. The hull design, the lining, materials and electrical/engineering equipment were discussed and finalised over a few meetings.  During the hull design we fabricated our square stern with a unique U shape seating area, this has created a fantastic area for alfresco dining, even their Christmas dinner! 

Upon completion of the hull, Coffin Dodger was shot blasted to remove the mill scale and contaminants and a two pack epoxy primer was spray applied to the superstructure and a two pack epoxy blacking applied under the waterline. 

Following the installation of the ballast, floor, battening and spray foam to all areas within the cabin, the proposed layout was marked on the sub-base floor for Karen and Paul to walk through to ensure nothing needed altering or moving from the agreed plan before we started working on the interior.  During this visit we discussed and marked all of the electrical wiring to be fitted with the inclusion of TV aerials, wi-fi, solar panels etc.  The fitting of the lining and the bulkheads followed, whilst cabinetry was commenced together with the engineering. 

Throughout the build Karen and Paul visited regularly and were guided through the various decisions that were made and various material choices through to the final furnishings and paint colour scheme. 

Towards the end of the build, Coffin Dodger was moved into our paint workshop where we spray applied high build finishing primers, undercoats with non slip coatings to the roof, gunnels and stern deck and acrylic top coats in Alexseal.  An acrylic clear coat was applied over the top coats and offers a very high gloss and exceptional depth of image.  It also offers excellent colour stability values and additional resistance to UV rays, salt water, abrasion and fuel.  The acrylic Alexseal top coats provide a buffable finish from tree damage and scratches that can be buffed and polished back to its original condition.  The stunning signwriting was designed by the owners and perfected by our local signwriter.

To complete the professionalism Coffin Dodger was inspected by an independent marine surveyor and certified with a RCD to approve all the requirements have been met throughout the build.  

Hopefully Coffin Dodger will provide you with a sense of our high build quality on our bespoke range and that we can build you a boat from start to finish from just one company, rather than a hull builder and then transport to a fit out company, together with being a bespoke boat builder with over 20 years of experience.