To ease your concerns with such a large financial outlay, as many boat builders going into financial difficulties recently and many distraught boaters-to-be having lost considerable amounts of money, here at Bluewater Boats Limited we recognise and understand your concern for your investment.


For boats under £130,000 we only request for a £1,000 deposit to secure your build slot which is non refundable.  For boats over £130,000 we still only request a £1,000 deposit per £100,000 to secure your build slot which is non refundable.  We will discuss and have various meetings with our customers and work with you on the detailed specification and drawings.

Remaining Deposits

As our boats are all bespoke and are produced uniquely for each and every customer we do request regular stage payments which are agreed and scheduled into your contract.  This will ensure that your boat is paid for and the final payment is cleared ready for you to collect on the agreed date.

You will be required to sign a contract before we start the build of your boat.  This is based on the British Marine Federation contract, and allows for retention of title after each monthly payment is made and cleared to be passed to yourselves, for your own peace of mind.